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Frequently Asked Questions

Photobooth Hire

Most frequent questions and answers about photobooth hire

What equipment do you use?

Every photo we take is with a Digital SLR Camera (unless your mum asks us to take a cheeky iPhone snap with you and your little bro, we do that too).

Yes, even our photo booth uses an SLR, never settle for poor quality photography! We pair this up with a Japanese Dye Sublimation Printer that churns out beautiful High Quality prints.

How does the Photo Booth work?

Step in front of the camera, tap on the filter you'd like, grab some props, pose, and then collect your prints straight away!

Do my guests have to pay to play?

No way, it's completely free for your guests to enjoy.

Instagram has filters, do you have filters?

On the night your guests will have three choices; colour, vintage or black & white. After the event we edit every photo by hand with our special recipe to offer you beautiful looking images.

Do you provide the props?

Always! We bring our collection of our favourite props to every event. Sharkie is our favourite, cutest shark hat going around.

Do we get a digital copy of the photos?

We don’t just stop at unlimited prints. We’ll send you a Prop & Pose flashdrive full of high resolution images for your to keep and cherish. We also throw in a digital copy of the photo booth strips too.

Event Photography

Most frequent questions and answers about event photography

What equipment do you use?

Our photographers use professional, full-frame DSLR cameras (Dan is team Nikon, for now. Steph and Chris are team Canon). Pro equipment isn’t the major factor in great photography, it’s how you use it; lucky for you, we’ve got both under control.

When do I have to pay for it?

You only have to pay a small deposit of 20% to secure your date and lock everything in.

The rest of the payment isn't due until 14 days after your event, but must be before delivery of the photographs.

Do you edit the photos?

You bet we do. Every photo gets lovingly edited and colour corrected. We make sure that you get the best images and the best result from your event.

The process takes time, but my oh my is it worth it.

What's included?

Quite a lot really, give us a bell if you’d like more information.

Can my guests make requests?

YES! Definitely, you too.

If there is anything you or your guests want on the day, by all means tap us on the shoulder and we’ll make it happen. We shoot a variety of candids, group shots and photos of the space; but we love being asked to take photos too!

How do I get my photos after the event?

Once your images have been delicately crafted by our team you can expect them to arrive on your doorstep via good old Aussie Post.

In most cases, our photos will arrive on a nice shiny Prop & Pose Flash drive. Or, we’ll send them off on the proverbial Cloud. Your choice!